Posted by: Alice Fitzpatrick | June 17, 2012

Hello world!

Born in northern England, Alice Fitzpatrick was raised in Oakville, Ontario, where she began to write as soon as she could pick up a pen.  After abandoning the idea of becoming the youngest person to win the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry, she earned both her BA in Fine Arts and BEd in English and Drama. Along the way she received her MA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Now living in Toronto, she has worked as a teacher of English, ESL, and Drama and most recently as a guidance counsellor, while publishing short fiction and personal essays and teaching creative and therapeutic writing.

The author of the Kate Galway mysteries set on an island off the coast of Wales, Alice’s first novel, Not Wisely But Too Well, was one of ten finalists for the 2012 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Unpublished Crime Novel.

 When she is not writing, she can be found either singing, performing, or reading mysteries with her three cats.


  1. Love the blog…..good luck xo Barb aka Alice’s very proud little sister

  2. This looks great. Love the pics and the text. You may come to love the opportunity to communicate to the world.

    You have inspired me to blog as well … and I don’t have a literary career to support.

    Maybe I can say offensive things and not suffer any consequences. Yeah, like, as if!!

    Good on ya! I look forward to future thoughts.


  3. Its all good! Look forward to reading more!

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